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Chatting On Forums All Day & Scrolling Through Social Media? Consider this!

Chatting On Forums All Day & Scrolling Through Social Media? Consider this!

For the needy and addicted (and let’s face it – that is pretty much every one of us especially these days!) The use of social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are among us – even while on the move!

Smart devices and mobile phones are with us as we carry around everywhere we go in our pockets. Why should we spend all day looking at friends and their significant others when you could be entertained by the real world?

Entertain Yourself, Talk To Each Other!

What is the point in swiping through the mundane, when you could be sat staring at the beautiful woman across from you? All day, every day, there are live people yearning for attention in all different kinds of ways to distract you from your visual entertainment!

It is all good and well, posting pictures of yourself and checking into your favorite places, writing reviews and pretending to be somebody – but do you know what is sad? Nobody really cares! It might make you feel important but if popularity and likes are what make you feel good, then perhaps you should consider giving yourself a little break and move to the next level of instant gratification.

Find Real Friends

When there is a world of online users out there, whether they are aware that they are simply wasting the time away chit-chatting about the weather or whereabouts and all the casual small talk that indicates a serious amount of boredom – while they could be conversing with those right in front of them in reality!

Basically, people just have nothing better to do with their time and should find something a little more thrilling! It’s like dude! Wake up!!! Take a walk on the wild side and broaden your horizons! There are thousands of people constantly switched on and turned off from the world around them!

Switch Over, Discover More!

There is a serious issue if one cannot see what is right in front of their eyes – just a click of a button is all it takes! There are plenty of options on the other side – these are the types of people who have no shame or qualms in hanging out all day and would be like to be a little more open-minded as well as handsfree with their time and social interaction!

It is called “being kind to yourself” and just “letting go”. Accepting that you only live once and therefore to limit to a life of only being sucked into a device to escape a crappy reality full of expectations, restrictions, and censorship. (How dull!) But life is what you make it! And you can’t go on ignoring the world around you.

The virtual world may seem real, but is it actually? Public showcases of your day’s “ best bits” and bragging about what riches can buy is a facade – when you could be spending quality time physically traveling around the globe and connecting with real people! Make the most out of opportunities! They are right there for the taking!

Grab Life By The Horns!

Metaphorically AND literally, only a fool would bypass such a situation. If you are looking to elevate existence then it is ONLY YOU who can make changes. The issue is that most of us are used to settling for second best and denying ourselves the satisfaction.

Whether we are too shy or worried for whatever reason, and it is only until something drastic happens that we are then forced to really consider what true happiness is.

What we are trying to say here is that it has never been easier to pick up (and ditch) your smart device and everything that comes with it. You are fully in control of your own life, love, and destiny! It may sound cheesy but what is the use of letting yourself getting sucked into Snapchat and the likes when you could be surrounding yourself with beautiful folks who just wish nothing more than to have live-for-the-moment fun.

Want To Reach The Next Stage?

Once you have your feet through the door in looking elsewhere except downwards towards the glowing light, the rest is easy! Find something you like to do and someone to (actually) share the experience with!

Connect and go one-on-one for a session at the gym or something productive. Create a far more personal and intimate scenario by leaving your phone at home for once! It’s like a domino effect, and once the ball is rolling there is no looking back. You will find yourself involved with so many new and stimulating encounters.

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